About Us

At Crackerjack Communications, we make your concepts click, your words work, and your copy a little more pop-y. We amp up your brand, add a little glam (or sophistication, whimsy, or clarity—depending on your needs) by designing award-winning communications.

Our passion? Transforming complex (and let’s face it, sometimes dry) topics into communications that are concise, well organized, and off-the-chart good. Whether you need a 2-minute video, a 3-line ad, an academic newsletter, an air freshener (yes!), a beautiful holiday card, or a 36-page viewbook, we are adept at delivering great work in, well, a snap.

Speaking of which, do you want us to print, ship, mail, and add some crazy custom stickers to your 7,235 envelopes—in a mere 3 days? We do that, too. Our production team—made up of individuals affectionately known as “the miracle workers”—has earned a reputation for fast turnarounds, exceptional accuracy, and just-plain awesome service.

20+ years of experience. 40 some-odd awards. Dozens of big-name clients. That’s Crackerjack.