Words, words, and more words. At Crackerjack, we have a true passion for them. We like to mix them up, smoosh them together, add our signature snap (when appropriate), and make them flow.

Say you want a 36-page brochure. No problem. A 52-page magazine? Even better. 321 tweets all under 138 characters (leaving room in case Hootsuite inexplicably adds an extra space)? Yep, we can do that. Write funny ads, clever postcards, a belly-laugh of a script? Sure thing. Or maybe you want an ultra-sophisticated white paper that positions you as the thought leader of all thought leaders. We can (and do) all of these things, every single day.

As far as we’re concerned, content truly is king. Because let’s face it: if the words don’t work and your message doesn't resonate, it really doesn’t matter how awesome your brochure looks.