Our Team

At Crackerjack, we offer everything you’d expect from a much bigger agency—from strategy and creative direction to project management to design to copywriting—but at more attractive rates and with shorter turnaround times. Our extensive network of relationships means that we can also bring you the region’s best indie video producers, photographers, illustrators, voiceover talent, or web developers whenever a project calls for it.

And dare we say it? We like to have fun—whether it’s sharing photos of our pets in costumes (don’t judge), going out for special drinks for no special reason, or regaling you with “the funniest story we’ve ever heard.” Because our philosophy is simple: if you can’t laugh (even in the face of a monster deadline, an occasional email crash, or a jammed printer), well then, maybe you should be doing something else.

Nimble. Cost-effective. Strategic. And fanatical about deadlines. That’s Crackerjack.